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Keeping Customers Who Are Thinking About Leaving

By June 17, 2019 No Comments

If you’re like many businesses, you probably have a number of smaller clients that make up a portion of your receivables, along with several larger clients that provide you with the majority of your revenue. You can probably weather the turnover with smaller clients, but losing a large client can be devastating to a business.

Nurturing customer relationships is an important step toward reducing the risks of losing key clients. Here are several principles to keep them on your client roster when they’re on the edge.

  • Always Personalize Your Services in Meaningful Ways – Personalization is the key to keeping your customers happy. Listen to their needs and expectations. Little things like offering free rush service to your best customers when needed, can go a long way.
  • Make Yourself Available – Stay engaged. When a major customer calls, make yourself available. If they prefer email never let them wait longer than 24 hours. Stay on top of social media questions, always engage quickly, and make your team aware of the importance of your clients and communication.
  • Make It Easy! – It might be a cliché, but the customer really is always right. If your customer is being difficult, be accommodating. If they’re frustrated, be patient. Always go above and beyond and you’ll be rewarded with a customer for a long time.
  • Resolve Conflicts by Solving Problems and Providing Value – Nothing makes a customer happier than a solution to their problem. Actions speak louder than words; if you deliver a consistently exemplary customer experience, you’ll build loyalty and trust.

Communication and engagement, along with listening to your customers’ needs will keep them on your client list. It’s really the little things when incorporated into your company philosophy that can be the actions that keep your customers from taking their business elsewhere. Always offer exceptional customer service and you’ll keep your business growing!

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