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TROY has provided secure printing solutions to key accounts, including the United States Treasury Office, and most of the large banks and insurance companies throughout the United States.

Ink & Toner Security Printing Solutions

Hundreds of hospitals, thousands of small businesses, and worldwide organizations are using TROY solutions to print secure documents.

Developed in an ISO 9001 certified facility, TROY inks and toners are of the highest quality and offer specialized security for your documents.

Security Toner

Contains TROY’s patented hidden security agent which releases a red dye making chemical alteration visible when chemical alteration is attempted.

MICR Ink & MICR Toner

TROY MICR Ink and MICR Toner have been specially formulated to maximize adhesion and readability while keeping the highest ANSI standards.

MICR Toner Secure™

When chemical alteration is attempted the patented security agent forces a bright red stain to permeate through the document protecting the words and graphics you are printing.


Each cartridge prints standard black and fluoresces under a UV verification light.

Discover TROY Printers & Locking Tray Additions

TROY printers and locking tray additions allow you to manage, secure, and simplify any end-to-end enterprise printing environment, creating an optimal solution for your business.

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TROY M402 MICR Printer

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TROY M506 MICR Printer

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TROY M604/M605/M606 MICR

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TROY M806 MICR Printer

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TROY Mobile 200 MICR Printer

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