ARLINGTON 50th Anniversary

Join us as we celebrate 50 years of quality service and distribution

What was happening in our early years?

“We were cleaning used typewriters in the bathtub of our first office, a leased house near Uptown Charlotte when we first opened Hank Welfare’s company before it became known as Carolina Wholesale or ARLINGTON. Service and support was a big part of our business from day one.”

Larry Huneycutt – President of ARLINGTON

The Hank Welfare Company would later be renamed Carolina Wholesale.
Later they would purchase Arlington Industries and together became ARLINGTON.

Larry Huneycutt, Mike Stanley, and Alan Friedlander were key contributors to our companies growth over our first 50 years

Let's take a look back at all the remarkable events throughout the years, beginning with our first 9 years of business.

A lot has changed since our start in 1972, but our commitment to excellent service remains unchanged.

“Hank published his first office machines catalog in 1979. The company experienced immediate success with this platform and expanded product lines and vendors in the subsequent years to follow. We didn’t realize at the time this would be the first of over a hundred catalogs created over the years.”

Larry Huneycutt – President of ARLINGTON

The Hank Welfare Company would be renamed Carolina Wholesale in 1981 and our first “Carolina Wholesaler” catalog was published the Fall of that same year. VICTOR was one of the many vendors that benefited greatly from increased exposure to resellers in early Carolina Wholesaler catalogs from 1979 through this year’s Arlington Machine Catalog.

The 80s were a period of tremendous growth in the office machine and print industry.

As we entered the 1980s, we entered a new era of digital technology, an emerging print demand, and growth in distribution.

“Fax communication overtook the office and home. Our business boomed and our facilities expanded as we required more space for the inventory in demand during the late-Eighties and early Nineties.”

Larry Huneycutt – President of ARLINGTON

As our business grew into the decade of the Nineties, it was clear fax technology was where it was at.

In 1988 we moved our North Carolina office and warehouse to our current space on Arrowhead Road in Charlotte.

ARLINGTON’s current owner, Larry Huneycutt, purchased 50% ownership of the company prior to founder Hank Welfare’s passing in 1983.

Both Carolina Wholesale and Arlington Industries expanded into larger warehouses and additional distribution centers with the introduction of our Atlanta, Georgia location.

We look back at the turn of the century & the expansion of the internet age.

As we welcomed the new era of the 2000s a new kind of communication broke onto the stage. We take a look at the internet age, and how the world is changing & evolving because of it.

“At the dawn of a new Millennium, we saw a new form of superstores appearing online that would change our business forever. The internet was clearly here to stay.”

Larry Huneycutt – President of ARLINGTON

All Three Distributors, Arlington Industries, Carolina Wholesale, & Digitek launched their first websites at the turn of the century.

The earliest of our websites were very basic and featured limited storefront and shopping options. Still the power of these new sites made an immediate impact on our growth as a distributor.

In 1998, Paul Martorana commences distribution of imaging products to supplies resellers and government accounts from Sterling, VA. This new online distributor is known as…

With Laser Print established, the growth of MPS & Cloud Services led to new methods of managing print fleets heading into the 2010s.

As we entered a new century, The world witnessed an amazing decade of innovation changing the way we would do business forever!

“The reduction in the acquisition cost in laser printers and MFPs resulted in a surge of supplies and equipment sales opportunities in the channel.”

Larry Huneycutt – President of ARLINGTON

Carolina Wholesale’s new logo and branding in 2007 would evolve into current ARLINGTON logo 10 years later.
The Arlington & Carolina Wholesale flyer and catalogs transitioned to full-color during this period.
Managed Print Services & MPS-Ready Laser Printer sales took off during a new era of print fleet management. ARLINGTON’s Premium laser supplies became instrumental in offering consumers a reduced CPC increased profitability.

Living in A World of Mergers & Acquisitions

As the imaging business boomed in the 80’s & 90’s, consolidation and new found partnerships came into play in the early 2000’s.

“Without question, the ARLINGTON we know today would not exist without the diversity within each company we purchased the past 20 years.”

Larry Huneycutt – President of ARLINGTON

Beginning in 1998, Carolina Wholesale Group was intentional about growing through strategic acquisitions.

The acquisition of Digitek in 2016 expanded our distribution network into Texas and added data media products to our catalog.

NXT Premium Toner and Ink

In 2016, ARLINGTON’s Premium brand alternative supplies received a facelift with the introduction of NXT Premium Supplies.

These acquisitions lead to enhanced internal employees, breadth of product offering, and reseller relationships.

The evolution of laser printers and managed print services seem destined to collide in the early-2000s.

Get to know us a little better.

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Thank you for your business and continued loyalty. We look forward to 50 more years of partnership.