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We have some exciting news!

Arlington Industries, Carolina Wholesale, and Digitek have combined to form the new ARLINGTON – a super distributor for imaging resellers. You benefit from the experience of our people, a broader selection of products and services, and our enhanced distribution capabilities to win more.

Your continued business is important to us. Please visit our FAQs page to learn more, or give us a call and let us show you the exciting new opportunities we have in store!

What's new?

Enhanced Sourcing and Distribution

Spend less time sourcing imaging supplies and brand name equipment with the industry’s largest selection of brand names. 

New Growth Services

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What's not?

Dedicated Account Management

Our resellers tell us they find tremendous value in having a dedicated, experienced person who understands their unique business needs.  

Reseller Support Services

Expect us to continue to provide you with excellent technical support, bid support, Managed Print support, and other services you need. 

Distribution Excellence

We’ve strengthened our distribution capabilities even more as one “Super Distributor” you can count on.


What you need to know

Uninterrupted Account Status: All orders in progress, billing and other account information will continue uninterrupted under our new name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Change?

Why did you make this change? Why ARLINGTON?

We have been managing the marketing, purchasing, and distribution efforts of Arlington Industries, Carolina Wholesale, and Digitek combined for the past two years. We feel that combining our efforts to one focused brand will allow us to provide more programs, solutions, and services without interference from our own competing brands. The name ARLINGTON was selected as we feel it maintains the most recognition of our three brands in the marketplace.

Are Carolina Wholesale and Digitek in trouble, been sold, or now out-of-business?

No – none of the companies were sold. In fact, Carolina Wholesale Group has owned Arlington Industries since 2004 and purchased Digitek in 2016. The decision was made to merge the 3 brands to 1 name to provide all reseller partners a focused approach to our valued services and solutions. This change has been announced in 2018 and will go into effect January 1, 2019.

Was there a change in ownership?

Larry Huneycutt has been the sole owner of the Carolina Wholesale Group (CWG) since 2000 after being owner of Carolina Wholesale Office Machines since the early 1980's. Larry has been the owner of Arlington Industries since CWG purchased them in 2004 and has been the owner of Digitek since his acquisition of them in 2016. Larry Huneycutt has been and will remain the sole owner of ARLINGTON.

How will this change impact my business?

You will begin to see new programs and enhanced products and promotional offerings as the new blended ARLINGTON.  

Will I be receiving the same quality of service I did before from CW or Digitek?

Yes.  In fact, the combination of our three distribution brand will allow our employees to focus programs to all resellers, provide more expansive vendor programs, and extend more valuable sales resources to our customers than ever before.

What About My Account?

Who is my Sales Representative / Contact with the new ARLINGTON?

We understand our personal care and partnership with your Account Manager is one of the hallmark strengths of ARLINGTON.  If you have an Account Manager of choice you should continue working with them unless otherwise notified by them or ARLINGTON.

I have multiple accounts with two or more of your distributors, which account number do I use now?

If you've been doing business with two or more of our distribution brands previously, your Account Manager will provide you more details regarding which account number to use moving forward.

How will my pricing be affected by this change?

This change should not result in any adverse pricing changes to your account.  Any unforeseen price changes would most likely be the result of vendor/industry price changes.

I had multiple accounts, will this change increase my credit line?

Customers who previously had multiple accounts will now carry an aggregate credit limit. 

Who do I contact regarding previous account issues related to my Carolina Wholesale and/or Digitek accounts?

We have combined our accounting departments internally so you can work directly with the ARLINGTON accounting department regarding any open account issues from Arlington, Carolina Wholesale, or Digitek.

How will this affect my billing, invoicing, remit address?

Moving forward you will want to update your records to reflect the following remit address:

Arlington Industries
PO Box 601029
Charlotte, NC 28260

How will this affect my billing?

You will still receive invoices in the same manner as you did before but from ARLINGTON. If you use EBill Express for eCheck payments you will begin to access this information here:

Do I need a new username and password for eStorefront?

If you registered on the or, your username, password, and account history will automatically be reassigned to January 1, 2019. If you are not yet registered for our eStorefront you can register online at today.

Are my Digitek Advantage account and points earned still active?

If you were participating in the Digitek Advantage program, your account and points balance will be transitioned to the new ArliAdvantage program January 1, 2019. Your username and password should remain unchanged.

What changes will I see on my credit card statement if I place credit card order?

Sometime before January 1, 2019 Arlington Industries, Carolina Wholesale, and Digitek credit card transactions will begin to appear as charges by ARLINGTON.

Are there any document changes I need to receive or submit from accounting?

We will require a new Resale Certificate issued to ARLINGTON INDUSTRIES.  

General Questions

Does this change affect the product offering?

The product offering will continue to be enhanced by the vendor relationships established and fostered by Arlington Industries, Carolina Wholesale, and Digitek over the past five decades. We will always look to enhance our product offering to meet the needs of our customers.

Does this change affect your distribution center locations?

We are pleased to inform you that we are still offering same-day shipping from all five of our national distribution centers from California, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

Have the Terms & Conditions changed?

Arlington Industries, Carolina Wholesale, and Digitek will have shared Terms & Conditions and they will be listed on their websites. Any changes to Terms & Conditions should be minor.

How does this affect my handling fees or minimum order fees?

Any fees our current customers have seen before will remain the same for your account as they were before as they will be ‘grand-fathered’ and remain unchanged.  Moving forward future accounts will see a handling fee of $2.95.

Where do I order online?

Our eStorefront e-commerce solution is located at and should be accessible to previous users set-up on previous Carolina Wholesale or Digitek eStorefronts.

Are you still offering the same government sector opportunities?

Yes.  Please ask your representative about our Enterprise Opportunities for Government, Education, and other potential bids.

What will happen if I send fax to Carolina Wholesale of Digitek numbers?

All fax communications to previous Carolina Wholesale or Digitek fax numbers will be forwarded to ARLINGTON centralized digital fax system and handled by ARLINGTON staff.

Can I still call the old Carolina Wholesale of Digitek 800-numbers to reach you?

All calls to previously existing 800 and local phone numbers will be automatically re-routed to ARLINGTON current phone system.  Please update your contact records to reference our official number of 800-887-3040 and 847-689-2754 (847-689-ARLI.)

Will you still receive and email if it’s sent to an employee at or e-mail address?

All previous valid email addresses for old and domains will be forwarded to employees and departments new email addresses.

What will happen if I try to reach webpages at the old or websites?

We will be forwarding all traffic to bookmarked or direct access to previously existing and webpages to the matching page at the new  Same process will occur for those attempting to access or as those users will be forwarded to active



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