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How Your Small Business Can Stand Out on LinkedIn

By June 21, 2019 No Comments

ARLINGTON recently hosted a webinar “Linked in to Win – 10 Pro Tips to Supercharge Your Digital DNA” lead by award-winning sales coach, Rick Lambert.

We’d like to share an excellent question we received from one of our webinar participants and our response:

What are some real ways that smaller businesses can stand out from the large businesses on LinkedIn?

From our experience, social media is levelling the field for small businesses with smaller budgets and less traditional advertising resources to stay top of mind with their customers. To this end, here are some ways we see smaller firms standing out vs larger firms when using LinkedIn:

  • Posting content / pics / videos that show local involvement
    • Showcasing relationships with recognizable local customers
    • Showing that your people live and work in the community
    • Charitable involvement / community events
    • Pictures of your office (so people recognize you’re local)
    • Showing your people in posts (so people may recognize them)
  • Standardizing all employee profiles to showcase local involvement 
    • In our LinkedIn on-demand program we provide you with a turnkey profile you can easily tweak to “look local.”
    • Include sales, service and admin – so everyone looks local!
  • Customer success stories 
    • Post content (even video) that shows the problem, solution, business outcome….not just the product or solution so people can relate.
  • Posting frequently with a LinkedIn strategy
    • Most large companies have strong company pages but their reps’ profiles (which have 8 times the reach) tend to be somewhat dormant.
    • Being active on LinkedIn will keep you top of mind – more so than the larger companies at the rep to customer level.

We invite you to learn more about our LinkedIn and other Partner Pro services. If you’d like to see the webinar in its entirety, click here.


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