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Why The Customer Experience is Everything

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If you’ve been in business for a while, you know it’s easier and less expensive to sell to existing customers than prospecting for new ones. When it comes to securing and growing relationships with your existing customers, giving them an excellent experience is as important as the products or services you offer.

Superior customer experience helps your business stand out from your competitors and is one of the primary factors that determine if a customer will stay with your company or look elsewhere. In a world of changing technology, shifting trends and an unpredictable economy, excellent customer service is one of the most durable competitive advantages your business can offer.

What is Customer Experience?

First-rate customer experience begins with the first point of contact with your business. It’s about more than the way you engage with your prospects and existing customers. Everything from the way you market your business, to your advertising, your social media engagement, and your e-commerce options play a role in how your customer perceives your business.

Since 2010, the number of companies competing on customer service has grown by 53% bringing the total number of businesses who say customer service is a primary factor in the way they do business to a whopping 89%! However, while 4 out of 5 businesses believe they deliver an excellent customer experience, only 1 in 10 customers agree. This disconnect means that there is a tremendous opportunity for imaging dealers and resellers to overtake the competition and gain market share.

How Social Media Changed the Game

Understanding how customers interpret and respond to your efforts can be one of the most important investments you’ll make in today’s competitive marketplace. Today, your online presence, how you interact with your customers through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram plays a huge role in the immediacy of doing business. Customers expect to receive a response “on demand” regardless of the time of day, or social channel they’re using.

Maintaining an excellent customer experience means keeping up with that demand. The right mix of responsive marketing, social engagement and knowledge of your products and solutions can work to create the type of customer experience that will keep your current customers and make it easier to win new ones.

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