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Top 10 Copier Dealer Website Mistakes of 2016 – Part Two

By December 30, 2016 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

Today, optimizing your copier dealership’s online presence and brand identity are critical to your company’s success. Your customers are online doing research and gathering pricing and product information before they make their buying decision. Is your website ready? We went over the first five copier dealer website mistakes in part one. Here is part two, the final five top copier dealer website mistakes of 2016!

6. Using Industry Jargon – As a copier dealer, you are immersed in the industry and terms like ‘MPS’ ‘TCO’ and ‘PPM’ are tossed around the office naturally all day. A visitor to your website isn’t privy to industry terminology. Avoid using it so you don’t confuse and turn off potential customers!

7. No “Calls-To-Action” (CTAs) – You can have the industry’s best-looking website, but if you don’t ask your visitors to act, they won’t and your website will be nothing more than a fancy brochure. ASK FOR ACTION! CTAs can be premium reports, eBooks, webinar registrations, blog subscriptions or a free assessment. In order to be effective, give your readers a contact form so you can convert them into leads.

8. No Social Media Integration – You should have pages on the most popular social media sites that your business buyer is active on like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and take the time to maintain them and post fresh content. Make sure to link your social media pages to your website. Social engagement and integration can build your website traffic and expand your audience reach.

9. Broken Links – Bad links that do nothing or return “404” error messages are the bane of the web surfer. Don’t turn off your visitors. Make sure your links are current and functional. Failure to do so will impact your search engine results and hurt your reputation as an authority. Repair or remove broken links immediately.

10. No Search Optimization (SEO) – Your potential customers are using search engines to find you. If your website isn’t optimized for search you won’t place in Google results. Most users won’t look past the first page of results –  try entering “Managed Print Services” in your area to see if your business appears.

Are you guilty of making these mistakes on your website? Find out with our free website assessment. Our team of Partner Pro digital marketing experts can verify the health of your website and offer solutions to turn your website into a lead generating machine, 24/7!

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