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Top 10 Copier Dealer Website Mistakes of 2016 – Part One

By December 15, 2016 June 12th, 2019 No Comments

In today’s digital world, your copier dealership’s online presence and brand identity are more important than ever before. Today’s business buyer is doing their research online before making a purchase. Does your website keep those business buyers interested and informed enough to want to stay on your site, revisit, and maybe make a purchase? Here is part one of the top copier dealership website mistakes of 2016 that you’ll want to avoid in 2017!

  1. Not Mobile Friendly – Google updated its algorithm back in April of 2015 to effectively penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. Many copier dealership websites are not mobile friendly even though mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches. Does your website pass the test? Check it out here.
  2. No Blog Presence or Content of Value – Blogging is hands down one of the best methods for driving traffic to your dealership’s website. Blogging can help to build trust, thought leadership and answer a visitor’s questions about your product or service. Blogging refreshes and updates your website making it more appealing to search engines. Fresh, relevant, informative content is great for SEO, which will drive more traffic to your site. It also allows you to learn more about your audience by conversing and engaging with your potential buyer.
  3. Missing Information – Missing information can frustrate visitors to your site. Questions can include hours you’re open, where you’re located and contact info. Be sure to include these and other frequently asked questions to avoid potential customers clicking off your site and directly to your competitor’s.
  4. No Online Reviews – Consumers read and trust online reviews. The numbers have increased in 2016 and will continue to grow. Make sure to include a customer experience, testimonial, or case study page to help build trust with potential customers.
  5. Slow Page Load Speeds – Page load speeds are important for three key reasons. First, users prefer faster websites. Next, if your website loads slowly on your desktop it will be excruciatingly slow on your mobile device. Finally, Google and other search engines incorporate page load speeds into search page rankings. Test your page load speed here.

These are the first five mistakes to avoid with your copier dealership’s website. Part two to follow! Are you guilty of making some of these mistakes on your dealership’s website? Find out by taking advantage of our free website assessment. Our team of Partner Pro Solutions digital marketing experts will review your website and let you know where you stand. Just give us a call and let us set up your free no obligation assessment today!

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