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How to Start a Blog for Your Copier Dealership in 2017

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It’s 2017 – does your copier dealership actively blog? A blog is a series or collection of articles that can help answer the common questions your prospects have regarding your products and services. Today, B2B companies that blog (regularly, as part of a strategy) generate 67 percent more leads than those that don’t.

Are you ready to start blogging this year? Here’s what you need to know about starting a blog for your copier dealership!

Reasons to Blog

Before we dive into how to start blogging, let’s look at a few reasons why blogging is beneficial for your copier dealership:

  • Builds online authority and reputation
  • Builds trust with prospects by answering their questions
  • Drives leads
  • Positions your dealership as industry-leading
  • Can be integrated through social media to reach more prospects
  • Creates a competitive advantage

Understand Your Audience

Before creating the content, one of the most important parts of blogging is understanding your audience. Think about what kind of content business owners or C-level executives would need in order to make a purchase decision on behalf of their company. Conduct some research, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes, and avoid using industry jargon they may not understand.

Gather Insight

Are you asking yourself ‘where will this content come from?’. Not to worry, the resources are infinitely at your fingertips: your sales team and technical support. These departments regularly hear the challenges that your customers have. These common problems or questions can be turned into blog content in the form of videos, lists, how-to’s etc. Here are a few other ways to find content and blog inspiration:

  • Industry publications on emerging trends
  • Client stories from the field
  • Prospect questions from all stages of the sale
  • Competitors’ websites
  • Videos – short, simple “How To” videos shot from your iPhone, like how to properly clean the rollers on your multifunction printer or how to fix a paper jam
  • Repackaging existing content

Start Writing!

The next step to getting your blog started is to begin writing! Many copier dealers say they don’t have enough time or insist that they aren’t writers – and that’s okay. There are professional digital marketing services to help you develop and publish consistent, customer-centric content to your website.

Too busy to blog for your copier dealership? Leave it to the experts at ARLINGTON with our Partner Pro digital marketing services; which includes blogging for your dealership!

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