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Three Tips For Maximizing Your Managed IT Sales Calls

By June 10, 2016 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

As the challenges of integrating an increasingly complex world of technology into the workplace increase, many Managed Print Services (MPS) providers are adding a Managed IT (MIT) component to their service offerings. For many MPS providers, the most effective way to build their MIT Services sales is by offering them to their existing customer base.

Do all of your salespeople know how to recognize, identify and qualify a Managed IT opportunity? Here are three tips to help maximize MIT sales call effectiveness:

  1.  Show Examples of Prior Success – As you begin to build your company’s MIT Services you can use your early successes as mini case studies. Demonstrate how you implemented a successful Managed IT solution using tangible “before” and “after” studies. This will help foster confidence in the prospect that you have the capabilities and experience to provide them with the right solution. Elite sales reps will also create a visual presentation featuring logos of the companies they’ve had success with to help them close.
  2.  Meet with the Higher Level Decision Makers – Depending on the size of the business, you’re likely to meet various employees tasked with very specific duties; for example, a network engineer may not be responsible for mobile IT or security. When increasing your service offerings, you’ll want to meet with the CTO if there is one  or the person who oversees the entire IT department for the organization. Meeting with employees or management who perform the tasks you are asking the company to outsource can be intimidating for those individuals and can shut down your chance at a sale before you’ve even made your pitch.
  3.  Just Like the Boy Scouts: BE PREPARED! – Elite sales reps prepare before meeting IT leaders. They read through the company’s website, research the person with whom they are about to meet, and look through social channels to learn all they can about the company, their needs, pain points and the players involved. Gaining insight into recent events and business priorities allows these elite professionals to link a solution more closely to the needs of the company and the individuals involved.

Are your sales team members prepared? Learn how to drive qualified MIT sales opportunities with ARLINGTON’s online MIT sales training. It will help your team to hunt down and identify MIT opportunities to help grow your business!

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