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How to Assess your Website for Lead Generation Effectiveness

By May 28, 2016 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

We all would like to think we’ve created the perfect website for our business but, the truth is, not all websites are lead-generating machines. Ask yourself these key questions to find out if your website is optimized to convert visitors into warm sales leads, and eventually customers!

  • How do your potential customers find you? Getting found is the first step. Simply having a website doesn’t mean that you’ll be found. You need to plan how you are going to attract your target audience. Your strategy should include search engine optimization (SEO), compelling content and information-sharing through social media channels that point back to your website. A combination of these methods will help establish your website so your potential customers can easily find you.
  • Do you have a social strategy in place? Social media channels and your website should work hand-in-hand to promote your product or service and build long lasting relationships with your existing and potential customers. Channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and blog posts all drive customer engagement and fuel lead generation activities. Sharing relevant content through social channels can help establish your credibility as a brand and as a thought leaderMake sure social sharing is always an option for repurposing content.
  • How do you turn a website visitor into a sales lead? Once a potential customer arrives to your website, are you engaging them?  Supplementary content offers and tools the customer can benefit from are a great ways of engaging website visitors and is the first step to generating a lead.

Content offers should be targeting the needs and interests of your potential customers and can be in the form of eBooks, interactive widgets or videos. A content offer however is of no value for lead generation unless the visitor surrenders their contact information. An example of this would be a website visitor filling out a contact form in exchange for a free downloadable eBook on a subject they would like to know more about. Now that the user has engaged with your website and submitted their contact information, they have become a valid lead with an established talking point: the downloaded eBook.

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