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How to Handle Objections at Your Next Managed IT Services Pitch

By June 28, 2016 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

Every sales rep, at one time or another, will face a variety of objections when it comes time to close the sale. When it comes to selling Managed IT Services it can seem like those objections are insurmountable. What counts, and can get you to the handshake, is how you handle these objections as you move towards the close.

Let’s look at the best way to handle the three most common objections sales reps face when trying to close a Managed IT Services sale.

  1. “We already have our IT needs covered.” – Everyone has a different idea of what IT is and what providers should bring to the table. Since each company’s IT situation is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, it’s important to uncover details about your prospect’s current IT services, provider and issues they are having. This information will allow you to present a side-by-side comparison so your prospect will know if they are receiving maximum value from their current IT Services provider.
  2. “But, you’re not really an IT company.” – This is a pretty common objection, especially if you have been providing Managed Print Services to this client. If you’ve just expanded into Managed IT Services, have a customer testimonial or two ready to present. Providing your potential client with examples of how you have successfully implemented a Managed IT Services program with local companies can help showcase your expertise.
  3. “It’s not in our budget”, or “we don’t have the money.” – Don’t make cost savings your lead when selling Managed IT Services. One way to handle this objection is to examine the potential cost of NOT having the technology in place to control IT costs and protect their IT environment when money is the issue.

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