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Improve Your Sales Process With Social Selling

By October 31, 2019 No Comments

Social media is an important tool that can help with communications, advertising, and brand building—but what about sales? Social media marketing can show your target audience what you have to offer, but it’s up to you to convert your efforts into profits. Read on to learn how social selling can help to enhance your sales process and some of the best ways to use it to generate revenue for your business.

Benefits of Social Selling

According to an internal study by LinkedIn, social sales tactics can result in a number of significant benefits including:

  • 45 percent increase in sales opportunities
  • 51 percent greater chance of achieving sales quotas
  • 78 percent of social sellers outsell peers who aren’t using social media

Streamline Your Efforts

Focus on these key elements of the social selling process to maximize your results:

  • Audience – Connect with the individuals in charge of purchasing, using social media as your search engine.
  • Message – Make sure your posts are relevant, enticing and speak to your credibility.
  • Timing – Time your communications well to align with the interests of your customers.
  • Platform – Use the appropriate platform for your product or service according to where your customer base is most likely to view your messages.
  • The Ask – Aim for quality over quantity with your social selling strategy, developing relationships before implementing a call to action.

Tips for Effective Social Selling

Find and convert valuable leads using these tips for effective social selling:

Looks Matter

Make the most of your online presence with a profile that is polished, professional, relevant, and up to date. Keep your prospective clients in mind when completing your bio and make sure they understand how to reach you by providing several avenues for contact.

Stay on Track

Monitor user activity to determine what is working and which areas need improvement. Track social media referrals to see where your visitors are coming from, and use tools such as Leadfeeder to track what they’re doing once they arrive.

Provide Value

Social networking is time-consuming, and it’s imperative that you choose your network wisely to allow time to post quality content. Stay relevant and active by:

  • Following industry influencers
  • Focusing on the buyer
  • Providing solutions
  • Sharing your knowledge

Find Your Prospects

Determine where your target audience turns to find information about problems they need to solve and join the conversation.

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