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Considering e-Learning For Your Team? Here’s What You Need to Know.

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Employee training and development is an integral part of any successful organization, helping to increase employee knowledge, motivation, and satisfaction while decreasing staff turnover. While training was once restricted to a classroom environment, more and more business owners and managers are choosing e-training as a viable alternative to traditional learning platforms; here’s why.

Benefits of e-Learning  

There are a number of key benefits you can expect to gain by implementing an online training program into your organization, including:

Cost Savings

Online training is a more cost-effective method of learning, eliminating the costs associated with traveling, training materials, venue rental, food and beverages and more. Because the materials are online you can be assured of receiving the latest updates and lesson plans, and because they remain accessible you can save further on the cost of printing.

Enhanced Productivity and Performance

E-learning allows employees to remain up to date on the latest information and processes pertaining to their industry while allowing them the freedom to keep on task with day to day operations or time-sensitive projects.

Ease of Access

In a traditional classroom setting students are often required to take notes and the information may be lost or difficult to decipher once they are outside of the classroom environment. With e-learning, all the materials are stored online making it easy for employees to access the information as needed.

Flexibility and Convenience

Employees may participate in e-learning from any place, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. This allows each member of your organization the flexibility to complete the required training as needed and within their schedules while avoiding the difficult task of arranging a group session in one location.

Instant Feedback

E-training allows participants to receive immediate feedback on their progress while providing an opportunity for management to analyze and track the performance and completion of each course on an individual basis.

Personalized Training 

While the material offered may be the same for all participants, employees are encouraged to work at their own pace to accommodate a variety of different learning speeds and styles. Individuals may work in a setting that is more relaxed, enhancing the learning process and eliminating many of the stresses and distractions associated with a more traditional learning environment.

E-learning can help take your organization to the next level, with a more affordable, effective, efficient training experience. Contact us at ARLINGTON today to learn about our Partner Pro mobile-friendly and on-demand video training experience!


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