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Why Businesses Need an MICR Check Printer

By July 26, 2019 November 13th, 2019 No Comments

As OCR technology evolves, many businesses are asking “Do we still need an MICR printer?” The answer is a resounding YES! If you’re currently printing preprinted checks or blank check stock, you need the security that an MICR printer offers that OCR does not.

Optical readers can process numbers and payee information on a check, but they also can open you up to a higher risk for check fraud because OCR does not address security. Check fraud is the number one type of fraud, greater than ACH fraud, credit card fraud and wire fraud.

In fact, according to a survey by JP Morgan in 2016, 75% of companies surveyed experienced attempted or actual check fraud. While you might expect the banks to absorb the losses, however, changes to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) make the losses shared between the bank and the customer based upon each party’s negligence.

Why You Need a Dedicated MICR Printer

Today, check fraud, cybercrime, and data theft are real threats. Implementing security at the printer level can reduce the risks. Here’s why a dedicated MICR printer is a good idea.

  • Embedded Security Features – Password protection, a front panel security lock requiring a user to input a unique combination before printing, encryption and decryption capabilities and tray locks provide levels of security that you won’t find on an OCR printer.
  • Disable Jam Recovery and Toner Sensing – Auto jam recovery disable is a feature that prevents multiple check copies from being printed. Toner sensing detects when levels are low and will notify you before printing. This ensures maximum readability and reliability.
  • Audit Features – Audit trails are helpful in creating user-defined reports of check printing activity for checks and balances.
  • Security Fonts Mitigate Fraud – A secure, numeric font adds an additional layer of security. This type of font is difficult to alter. A microprint font adds another layer of security at the document level. Extremely small text embeds inside lines of print on an MICR document.

A dedicated MICR printer will add security to the check printing process.

TROY and HP have enjoyed a partnership for over 26 years to provide customers with MICR capabilities. TROY MICR printers offer a cost-effective way for organizations to prevent check fraud at a low cost per ownership. Here at ARLINGTON we are proud to carry TROY hardware, software and consumables. Contact your ARLINGTON rep to learn more!






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