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Why Train Your Sales Reps in 2019?

By January 25, 2019 No Comments

At ARLINGTON, many of our customers are imaging dealers. They sell everything from toner cartridges, copiers, MFPs, and printers to Managed Print Services, document management and Managed IT Services.

One problem facing our industry is that often new reps are recruited with promises of training, but it’s either product-centric or it just doesn’t happen. That’s why there’s a 27-47% turnover rate in the industry.

New hire costs are often front-end loaded, so if your prospect leaves after less than a year, you’ve lost money. With ARLINGTON,  you can train your staff, on their time at their pace, and reduce your turnover.

The Goals of Training Your New Hires

You can benefit from training your new hires across three specific areas:

  • New hire training to teach sales basics – We often forget what we know if we’ve been on the job for a while.
  • Solution-specific training – What to look for in a prospect to avoid wasting your time (and others’), when they simply don’t fit the profile.
  • Industry-specific training – Often, sales training needs to be “translated” by other team members to fit your industry. It’s hard to do, often ineffective, and doesn’t relate well to what you’re selling.

Any effective sales training program should include monitoring and testing. This can help you to ensure and measure engagement.

Sales Training With ARLINGTON

We understand the challenges of setting up an in-house training program for your new hires. That’s why we’ve joined with PartnerPro –  the industry’s #1 rated on-demand video sales training program. PartnerPro can equip your imaging salesforce with the tools, tips, and tactics they need to generate more leads and close more sales.

Videos can be accessed anywhere on any device. Content can be reviewed at any time and reps can learn at their own pace. It’s easy to set-up, cost-effective, and sales managers can set deadlines and track each new hire’s progress.

If you’re ready to learn more, give your ARLINGTON sales manager a call, today!



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