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Why Businesses Are Choosing to Outsource Their IT Needs

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Today, technology is a part of the day-to-day operation of almost every business big or small. And supporting that technology can be difficult and time consuming. Most small and medium-sized businesses recognize the need for tech support, but may be unsure whether hiring in-house or outsourcing is the right solution.

There are pros and cons to both approaches – let’s take a closer look:

In-House IT

Hiring in-house IT support can be an appealing choice. When a business decides to hire in-house they expect:

  • Unlimited Availability: An on staff person is dedicated to meeting their needs. They’re always there ready to address issues as the arise.
  • Immediate Response: Because they’re in the office, an IT team can address problems immediately. That means less time spent waiting for help.
  • Specialization: Over time, and in-house hire will learn a businesses’ rhythm and specific needs. This can help them design solutions to meet a company’s goals.

On the flip side, hiring in-house does have drawbacks. Along with paying salary and benefits, employees will also need the hardware and software tools they need to do the job. While they are assets, there may be significant upfront costs. It can also take some time to find the right employee and for them to fully understand the business.

Managed IT Services

Outsourcing can be a cost effective solution. Managed IT Services offers:

  • Expertise: One major benefit is the experience and knowledge a Managed IT Services provider brings to the job. They’ve worked with businesses across related industries, giving them a depth of understanding to create the perfect solution to meet a business’ needs.
  • Budget Predictability: Outsourcing can cost up to 50% less than hiring in-house. Most Managed IT Services providers work on a fixed monthly rate, providing budget predictability.
  • Tools: A Managed IT Services provider will have all the tools needed to do the job.

Managed IT Services offers plenty of benefits including budget predictability and the ability to scale up services as business needs change.

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