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When a Document Management Solution Makes Sense

By May 31, 2018 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

When it comes to important documents, most businesses still retain a whopping 80 percent of their most important information on paper. That means more filing, more bulky filing cabinets, more work for employees—and less security and profit too.

Managing paper in the office can take up to 60% of an employee’s time. That’s a lot of effort that could be put towards something more productive than filing paper (and think of all the mis-filings that happen that can cause important documents to be lost.)

Why document management software makes smart business sense

Besides all the time it would save employees, digitally managing and storing documents would make losing files a thing of the past. With document management becoming a growing problem in corporate America, a Managed Print Services provider can help implement a software solution that makes sense.

Fewer lost documents, more peace of mind

Research shows that more than 7% of paper documents get lost forever. If documents are stored and saved in the cloud, they would be easy to find and accessible from any device. That not only improves productivity, but boosts the bottom line too.

Another reason for document management software: disaster recovery

Do you know how many businesses have a recovery plan in place should disaster strike? It is a scary, but true, fact that 75 percent of small businesses still have no disaster recovery plan. Having a backup plan is not only critical for companies in natural disaster prone areas; it should matter to any business that relies on documents for their day to day operations.

A Managed Print Services provider can implement a software-based document management solution to solve the disaster back-up issue easily. With document management software in play, vital reports and information can be safely saved and stored in the cloud. It’s a smart solution for keeping important information safe.

Document management matters

When every document is vital and every dollar matters to the bottom line, it’s hard to refute the benefits of implementing and using a digital document management solution.

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