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Want to Hire a Superstar MPS Sales Rep? Follow These Best Practices.

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Building your sales team is a critical element for growing your business. A great Managed Print  salesperson doesn’t just generate revenues, they will also land new accounts and serve as a face for your brand. A true superstar can make a memorable impression anywhere, enhancing your company’s reputation. A good MPS salesperson will build trust for your business and your brand.

But finding a superstar salesperson can be challenging. They can bring tremendous value to your organization, but they’re not always easy to spot! The qualities you might expect of a superstar, aren’t always the most obvious ones to look for. Here are three tips to help you identify your next superstar hire!

  1. Don’t just hire extroverts – Don’t just focus on hiring extroverts. While many salespeople are naturally outgoing and confident, the best are often those that fall in the middle on the introvert/extrovert scale. Pure extroverts sometimes do more talking than listening, almost to the point of being intimidating, or just annoying. People in the middle of the scale are personable and confident enough to make the pitch, but also know when to stop talking and just listen.
  2. Look for persistence – Seek resilience rather than extroversion. Hearing “no” ten times a day (sometimes rudely) before your first yes can be tough. The best salesperson understands that it’s a numbers game; the more you pitch, the more people are going to show interest. Ask targeted questions about rejection or past failures.  During the interview ask if they saw dividends from being persistent.
  3. Clearly define the job – It’s not like the old days of “a great salesperson can sell anything.” Today, you can’t always count on sales skills to transcend position. While a superstar will be able to eventually transition their skills, finding someone who has experience selling a similar product or service may eliminate the learning curve.

By focusing on less obvious qualities like persistence and goal setting and clearly defining the job, you can narrow your focus and find the perfect candidate for the job. Top sales talent is in high demand today. Finding truly exceptional candidates isn’t easy, but using the right strategy can help you find the people to build a superstar sales team!



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