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How to Spot the Signs of an Uncontrolled Print Environment

By November 21, 2017 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

When searching for ways to save money few business owners look towards their print environment, yet most spend more on print and document management than they realize. In fact, almost 90% of business owners have no idea what their yearly print spend is (Gartner). Many of your customers and potential customers are probably experiencing a few, if not all of these print-related challenges:

  1. Lack of inventory control. Is there a proliferation of cheap printer scattered throughout the office? This can add up to an overabundance of
    equipment from a variety of manufacturers resulting in increased costs due to lack of consolidation, overstocking of supplies, unnecessary print equipment and unmonitored costs.
  2. Wasted time and resources. How many calls to their help desk are printer-related? In a typical office an average of 50 percent of all IT calls are related to print, when time spent by employees and support staff can be better utilized in other areas of business.
  3. Forgotten documents. Are stray documents left unattended or unclaimed in printer trays? Confidential information could be exposed for passers-by to see, and unnecessary printing can result in waste of paper and other consumables.
  4. Overuse of color. Is everything being printed in color? Color print can be cost effective in the right circumstances, but for most day to day applications it’s unnecessary. Setting automatic defaults to black and white only can yield immediate savings.

A Managed Print program can help your customers do away with these wasteful and costly challenges.

Talk to us about how you can help your customers and grow your business and profits with an MPS program you can brand your own!



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