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Use These 5 Steps to Onboard New Sales Reps

By November 22, 2019 No Comments

One of the key factors that set an organization apart from its competitors is getting new sales team members up and running quickly. Sales Management Association research found that firms that get new reps productively into the field right away experience 10% greater sales growth, and 14% better sales and profit objective achievement.

The first weeks and months after a new hire enters the field are the most critical for their long-term retention, performance and success.

Here are five steps to help you develop an onboarding strategy to have your newest team members closing deals as quickly as possible.

Start the Enablement Process Before the First Day

Send new hires a welcome package with an outline of their first couple of days and materials to get them up to speed. On their first day, new hires should:

  • Know your company history and leadership
  • Know your products
  • Know your values and mission statement
  • Understand key differentiators
  • Have access to any other relevant high-level information

Have prospects come to their first day with questions based on their research. This can establish a strong foundation for the coaching relationship, helping prospects and their managers get to know each other.

Have a Formal Onboarding Process – A formal, milestone-based onboard process can provide the framework needed to succeed within your organization. Set time-based goals for skills mastery, clearly establish expectations, and include clear checkpoints to measure progress.

Establish Expectations and Provide Support and Training – Clearly define what success means in your organization. You must provide the tools and knowledge new reps need to meet their goals. With our Partner Pro online training, reps can master the skills they’ll need to excel via a convenient, engaging format.

Have New Reps Shadow Experienced Reps – Have new reps partner with your senior reps to allow them to see your processes and systems in action. Make sure they understand they are there to observe and have them prepare questions for their managers later.

Invest in Continuous Training – The most successful sales teams never stop learning! Maintain your investment by providing ongoing advanced skills training like sales territory planning or negotiation training.

Onboarding new sales reps properly is the key to improving your ROI. Want to help reduce ramp up time and get your team excelling quicker? Give us a call and let us show you how our Partner Pro online sales training system can help! Or check out our previous webinar – 5 Secrets to New Hire Onboarding – featuring practical, industry-specific and field proven ideas you can use to immediately strengthen your sales onboarding process.


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