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Tips to Unify Your Sales Training Efforts for Better Business Results

By January 30, 2016 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

In the business world, uniformity in any change management approach will increase its effectiveness, allow for better management and significantly improve the final outcome. Unifying sales training is no different – it’s a smart business practice that will ensure your team is on the same page in terms of tactics.

When your entire team utilizes the same skills training methodology it gives everyone – from new hires to tenured veterans – a level playing field on which to play.  Also, when everyone learns together, individuals can engage in practice role-plays, discuss new techniques with each other and share in new found success – all of which are good for your sales organization as a whole.

Unified sales training also offers management the opportunity to clearly measure an individual employee’s acquisition of new skills. Measuring progress individually can help with one-on-one coaching as the employee’s test results will show where they may be struggling when compared to the rest of the team. Coaching can then be modified to directly address those areas on an individual basis, offering guidance and a path towards skill mastery.

Here are three solutions to get the process of unifying your sales team started:

1. Use Video-Based Learning – On demand, video-based eLearning is a great way to unify your sales team as everyone receives the same selling tactics to work with, yet everyone can learn at their own pace!

2. Embrace Brainstorming and Team Collaboration – As employees are exposed to new tactics together, collaboration and team brainstorming can help solidify and unite your team, ultimately translating into a stronger salesforce that generates more revenue.

3. ARLINGTON eLearning Programs – ARLINGTON is offering our partners unique, on demand, video-based eLearning sales training programs specific to Managed Print Services and Managed IT Services as well as more generalized sales readiness training through our Partner Pro Business Growth Platform. These programs feature short video training modules, simulation of selling skills, online testing, reporting and individual learning paths for each team member.

Studies have proven that continuous sales training can help sales reps realize up to 50% higher net sales, which means even the most seasoned salespeople can benefit from ongoing training. Because there’s no limit to the number of times your team can view each module from their laptop or mobile device, they can review the video modules as many times as they want, when they want.

Visit our Partner Pro portal where you’ll find free previews of the Selling Managed Print to Win, Selling Managed IT to Win and Selling to Win modules, and learn how on-demand video-based eLearning can take your sales to a new level!


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