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Three Reasons to Outsource Your Social Media

By April 18, 2017 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

It seems like every day there are more social media platforms you need to think about. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram the list goes on and on. Social media interaction is the best way to engage with potential customers and improve your website’s Google ranking – but do you know how to navigate this ever-changing social landscape?

For many copier dealers and Managed Print providers, social media management is usually not their area of expertise.  That’s why outsourcing this function to a social media expert has become a popular solution.

Here are three key reasons why it makes sense to outsource your social media to the pros:

  • It takes valuable employee time to do it effectively. If social media isn’t your core competency, or even if you have a staff member fluent in the medium, it takes a lot of valuable time to do it correctly. In fact, social media has been named the fifth largest “stress producer” for small business owners. Outsourcing your social media needs can free up staff time and allow you to focus on core initiatives, and if outsourced to a professional, ensure results.
  • Outsourcing social media is cost effective. Compared to the cost of hiring or dedicating an in-house employee to your social media tasks (including payroll taxes, sick and vacation time, benefits, training, and overhead costs) hiring an agency can be incredibly cost effective. With an agency, you’re getting a team of professionals dedicated to your social media needs. This provides even more value!
  • It’s better to leave it to the professionals. Executing a comprehensive social media strategy requires careful planning, image selection, tone, messaging, frequency and getting your message out on the channels your target audience uses most to gather information. Social media is about connecting, not selling. Without a sound strategy and an understanding of proper messaging, social media can hurt your business. Trends are constantly changing and the experts are always in the loop!

Are you struggling to keep your business up to date on the latest social channels? Not sure where to start? Ask an ARLINGTON team member about our social media management service for copier dealers and Managed Print Services providers!


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