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Retaining Millennial Salespeople: How to Reduce Turnover

By April 12, 2016 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

As of 2015, Millennials (those workers born after 1980) now make up the majority of the workforce. This year, the oldest Millennials will reach 35 years old. Think about how many members on your Sales team fit into this demographic!

Today, employers need to take a creative approach to staff retention in order to reduce turnover. The Millennial  generation is unique and unlike Boomers and Gen X workers; in order to keep them motivated you might need to consider adjusting your approach on hiring and retaining Millennial staff to fit their attitudes, morals, values and beliefs.

Let’s examine some of the characteristics of this interesting and challenging group of workers and how to keep them motivated and on your team.

Take a Creative Approach

Millennials are the first generation to have lived their entire lives during the computer era. They are highly educated, in fact according to Pew Research, Millennials between the ages of 25 and 35 are the most highly educated group of young adults in US history! They are technologically adept, socially conscious, and morally strong.

In order to keep them engaged and on your team you’ll need to adapt. Here are some creative approaches to keeping your workforce intact.

•  Appeal to Their Moral Standing and Sense of Social Justice – More than any other generation, Millennials value socially responsible activities. Community clean-ups, charity walks and fundraisers and environmental causes are all held in high regard. Getting involved as their employer and supporting them in these endeavors is strongly encouraged.

•  Let Them Contribute and Collaborate as Team Members – Millennials want to feel as though they are taken seriously as a part of your team. Like we said earlier, no other generation in history has achieved the same level of higher education at the same age (Pew Research, 2015). As their employer, this can be a HUGE untapped resource, take advantage of it!

•  Hire Smarter – When it comes to hiring Millennials, the old adage “hire slow, fire fast” holds true. Millennials are coached on how to perform in interviews and their resumes make them look like superstars. Be thorough when vetting. Perform Google searches, check references, and ask key questions when interviewing to avoid costly hiring mistakes.

•  Invest in Their Success – Millennials want to learn throughout their careers. Providing sales training like unique online, on-demand training filled with actionable ideas is a perfect way to keep them engaged. Online training platforms like ARLINGTON’s Partner Pro Business Growth Platform provides Millennials with sales training and the confidence they need to excel. When Millennials succeed, they’re much more likely to keep a positive attitude about their job, which reduces turnover.

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