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The Print Environment: Unstructured vs. Structured

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An unmanaged print environment is a potential source of lost revenue. Unless businesses are diligent in tracking their costs (and studies have shown that many are not) they most likely are spending way more than they need too. Without controls, workflows and productivity can be negatively impacted, and downtime due to lack of maintenance and repair can bring an office to a grinding stop.

There are many components to office printing of which the average business buyer may not be aware. Let’s look at the difference between an unstructured print environment, and one that has been brought under control with the help of a knowledgeable Managed Print services provider!

Unstructured Print

An unstructured print environment has cost visibility issues. Often, organizations have no idea what they are actually spending on print or even what devices they have and use on a regular basis. Without any controls print costs can go undocumented, which means spending goes unmanaged.

Unstructured print environments often have some or all of the following issues:

  • Lack of user controls – Users can print whatever they want, however many pages they want, in both color and black and white
  • No budget predictability
  • Avoidable hard copy output that could be shared as digital documents
  • An overstock of expensive supplies and redundant print devices
  • No waste or cartridge recycling programs in place
  • No mobile print solutions

These are just a few potential issues businesses may face if their print environment is not properly managed.

Structured Print

Office print costs are the third highest expense for many businesses, right behind payroll and rent. A Managed Print solution allows for more predictable spending, hardware consolidation and upgrades and a reduced overall cost. In a structured print environment, businesses will enjoy:

  • Automated supplies fulfillment
  • Lower print volumes, both black and white and color
  • Print policies and protocols
  • Improved security
  • Less hardware
  • Mobile print capabilities
  • Less waste and cartridge recycling

Putting a Managed Print program in place will improve workflow efficiency, enhance document security, improve document management, provide budget predictability and provide significant cost savings for the business buyer.

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