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Moving Beyond the First Generation: Strategies for Winning Enhanced MPS Agreements

By August 17, 2016 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

The Managed Print Services market has evolved to the point where it is becoming more commoditized and more competitive than ever before! Smart providers are upping their game and expanding their level of services into second and third generation levels.

In the beginning, MPS focused primarily on services like:

  • Performing assessments to determine print activities and actual costs
  • Automating toner and consumables fulfillment
  • Replacing OEM with aftermarket toner
  • Providing onsite service
  • Replacing older legacy systems with more efficient ones

As part of its evolution, MPS has expanded services in order to continue to be a relevant, cost cutting service for businesses. Now in addition to the level one services offered, MPS providers have expanded into:

  • Transitioning companies from hardcopy to digital document management
  • Improving document workflows
  • Implementing print protocols, rules and restrictions
  • Optimizing fleets for maximum output and efficiencies
  • Enhancing security of both hardcopy and digital information
  • Creating mobile print strategies
  • Waste reduction programs and sustainable strategies
  • Advanced cost and usage reporting

It’s been estimated that in order to continue to compete and grow, 80% of MPS providers are making this transition from first generation service levels to new generations of Managed Print Services.

How are they doing this effectively and what are the criteria for success and competitive differentiation? It starts with training and infrastructure improvements like:

  • Well Trained Team Members – Your team needs to understand how to expand and sell services advanced services to new and existing clients. On-demand sales training like our Partner Pro Selling MPS to Win program that focuses specifically on selling MPS services will teach them the skills they need to succeed.
  • Creating a Robust Infrastructure – New service levels require partners with more talent, technology and resources.
  • Improved Marketing to Distinguish the Added Value of Next Generation Services –  Provider websites and marketing materials need to showcase enhanced offerings and the positive business outcomes they provide.
  • Improved Analytics – You need to back up your words with data, define KPIs and report on what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Quarterly Reviews – Clients need information in order to justify that new programs are providing the results they need to continue service.

3rd generation level services add additional complexity.

Are you ready? You’ll know simply by visiting your own website to see what message your brand is communicating. If your value proposition is still “MPS can save you 30% on your printing costs” you’re probably ready to up your game. Check out ARLINGTON’s MPS Marketing Kit to learn about the tools you need to succeed!

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