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How to Avoid These 5 Common Social Media Pitfalls

By April 5, 2019 No Comments

The pressure is certainly on to have a social media presence for your business, especially considering that nearly 9 out of every 10 businesses are using social platforms to promote their brands. However, just because the vast majority of businesses are using social media today doesn’t mean that they’re going about it the right way.

Here are the most common social media pitfalls businesses make:

  1. Joining too many social media platforms. Choose quality over quantity, opting to achieve a successful presence on one platform at a time, versus joining multiple platforms all at once. It’s best to just have a presence on a few social media platforms where you know your audience will be found and focus on being really intentional with the way that you spend your time on these sites.
  1. Being Inconsistent – Devise a weekly or monthly posting schedule and stick to it consistently. In order to stay fresh in the minds of your audience and relevant to your followers, they need to know that you’re active, and there to stay.
  1. Ignoring comments on posts. Likely your primary objective of creating great content is to inspire engagement and spark conversation, right? That means that you need to respond promptly and professionally to all comments on your social media posts. Failing to do so will cause you to lose credibility with your audience.
  1. Not paying attention to analytics. The unique thing about social media marketing is that you can review metrics to see exactly how your campaigns are performing and make tweaks when necessary. These analytics will give you a clear gauge on how effective your strategy is.
  1. Overselling – Once you start to amass a following, you may be tempted to start selling, but it’s a good idea to hold off. Making sales may be your end game, but social media is all about establishing a relationship with potential clients.

The right social media strategy can yield amazing results, and when used in conjunction with a number of other marketing efforts, can help propel your business to the next level.

Do you have a social media strategy? Maybe you haven’t had the time to keep your posts up to date, or maybe you just don’t know where to start. We can help! Contact your ARLINGTON account manager to learn more about our Partner Pro Growth Services available to our dealers and resellers.


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