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Do Your Prospects Understand MPS Terms and Acronyms?

By February 26, 2016 December 13th, 2019 No Comments

Every industry has its own jargon. The Managed Print Services industry certainly does, and when you’re pitching to a new prospect, the language you use can be foreign to them! Yes, “CPP and CPC” sound great at an industry trade show, but what does it all mean for those who aren’t familiar with the Managed Print Services industry?  Your prospects may feel embarrassed that they don’t know the terms you’re using and not ask for clarification, creating a barrier between you and a potential sale.

ARLINGTON has put together a guide to MPS industry acronyms with easy to understand definitions that we typically recommend for internal sales rep education. We think the guide can serve another purpose for Managed Print Service Providers! Because getting your message across clearly and in simple terms is so critical, we recommend that MPS sales representatives download our list of MPS industry acronyms to share with prospects on sales calls! As mentioned above, customers don’t always come out and admit that they don’t understand the jargon you’re using. The explanations of the terms within the downloadable guide are proven to be easily understood by those not close to the MPS industry, aka your prospect.

Arming yourself with the guide to MPS industry acronyms:

•  Is a sure-fire way to eliminate communication barriers caused by prospects misunderstanding industry jargon.

•  Gives you a competitive edge over other MPS sales reps who prefer to “impress” prospects by using confusing terminology, and have yet to discover a simple way to educate prospects on MPS industry terms that inherently come up during sales calls.

•  Positions you, the sales rep, as more helpful and approachable, and positions your service offering as less intimidating, which helps you close more deals!

We believe that giving your prospects simple explanations in terms they can relate to will help you communicate your point quickly and clearly, as well as the value of your services. Want to learn more? Visit the ARLINGTON Partner Pro website to download our free informative guide “10 Industry Acronyms MPS Sales Professionals Need to Know” now.

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