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5 Characteristics of Elite Managed Print Services (MPS) Resellers

By March 11, 2016 December 13th, 2019 No Comments

Not all resellers are created equal. Resellers of Managed Print Services (MPS) require a different skill set than those who are selling a physical product. Reselling MPS is a longer and more complex process involving a multi-step sales cycle, but the good news is that your hard work results in recurring monthly revenue (MRR) every time a contract is sold.

So why is it that some Managed Print Services resellers consistently outperform their peers?  Here’s a list of characteristics these elite resellers share that sets them apart:

1. Trained Sales Force Readiness – Often resellers’ salespeople are primarily trained in hardware sales and do not know how to identify legitimate prospects or explain and sell customers on the benefits of MPS. A well-trained salesforce will not only generate more warm leads but also make better use of their subject matter expert and MPS resources. Training the entire salesforce on MPS sales helps them to generate more leads and know how, and when, to refer to the Managed Print Services salesperson to close the deal.

2. Effective Website for Lead Generation – Estimates show that 81% of customers do online research prior to talking with a salesperson (Adweek, 2014). To take advantage of this, your website should be equipped with information to educate potential customers about what MPS is and how it can benefit them. Rather than a simple “Contact Us” form, use enticing content to draw prospects in, and add a short contact form they must submit first to encourage the potential customer to leave their contact information in exchange for the content they seek.

3. Marketing Tools – One thing that sets elite resellers apart are their exceptional marketing tools such as presentations. A convincing presentation will be simple, relevant, have compelling visual aids and third party statistics. Pitches that are too long, or overwhelm with too much information, will turn off potential buyers. Our unstructured versus structured office print environment launched last fall and has received a standing ovation amongst our client base. It’s easy to follow and makes sense to IT leaders, finance leaders and small business owners alike.

4. Using Product Portfolios to Educate Customers and Save Them Money – Many customers will only consider consumables produced by the original equipment manufacturer. By making clear and organized product portfolios available to sales staff, elite resellers are able to make a convincing argument for their aftermarket products, showing customers how they can stretch their purchasing dollar further to reallocate extra funds from low value tasks towards higher value opportunities.

5. Ability to Deliver – Once a reseller secures a customer, they need to consistently deliver satisfying service. MPS has a number of components which can be difficult to organize and execute properly. That’s why many elite resellers outsource the actual service fulfillment and focus themselves only on acquiring MPS customers. This allows customers to enjoy the advanced infrastructure and capabilities of a dedicated MPS fulfillment provider who more effectively delivers the service than the reseller could with their own form of “in-house managed print”.

Excelling in Managed Print Services sales takes a special skill set. A Managed Print reseller who understands this and takes the time to train their salesforce, prepare effective presentations and deliver consistently satisfying service can join the ranks of elite Managed Print Services resellers.

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