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Are You Underutilizing Your Web Presence?

By December 6, 2019 No Comments

Your web presence is a key element of your marketing strategy, and ultimately your company’s success. It’s how you build trust, authority, and your brand in an oversaturated industry. However, many businesses are not making the most of their online presence.

Let’s look at several of the most common ways that you may be underutilizing the power of the web to build your brand and business.

You have no documented online strategy

You plan growth strategies, chart annual growth, make business projections and have monthly targets for sales. Your website planning should be no different than any other aspect of your business.

Establish a documented strategy to build your online presence. Create buyer personas and tailor your web site to provide the best customer experience possible. Get to know your customers’ habits, where they go to seek information and where your traffic is likely to come from, then create a documented strategy and build your online presence to create a foundation for the future.

You’re not utilizing the newest social networks

If you’re not using the latest social channels, you’re missing out. Think about including newer social tools like Snapchat, Instagram, and Periscope into your market strategy. To be successful you need to take a multifaceted approach!

You’re not utilizing video

Online video has exploded and completely changed the way we use the web. If you want to up your web presence, try integrating video. Whether it’s explainer videos, live streaming webcasts, or product videos, video can help keep visitors coming back to your site.

You’re not optimizing conversions for email list opt-ins

Email is a great way to establish a web presence, whether it’s promoting your latest blog post or delivering a special offer to your visitors. Unfortunately, many companies are not optimizing their conversions. Create lead magnets like free white papers, reports, ebooks or videos to provide free information that will drive traffic and build your online presence.

A strong online presence is the way to build your business and brand in today’s crowded marketplace. If you want to learn more, don’t miss ARLINGTON’s upcoming free webinar on Wednesday, Dec 18 “Improve Your Web Presence Without Busting Your Budget.” Click here to register now!



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