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5 Dealer Website MUST HAVES for Today’s New Normal

By May 11, 2020 No Comments

You know your customers and prospects are online.

Now they’re online more than ever before.

That’s why your website needs to be in tip-top shape to make a great impression and move your website visitors closer to becoming customers.

If you thought your website was important before the coronavirus, it’s even more important now.

Here are 5 dealer website MUST HAVES:

  1. Quick Quote Button: Make it easy for website visitors to get some initial price and availability information quickly. Often these people are in the buying window and a “Quick Quote” button can encourage them to take the first step which lets you start a sales conversation.
  2. Video: Today’s online buyer is skimming information and not reading as much text as they used to. That’s why short videos spread around your website can be a great way to capture their attention. Answering their questions on video in less than 60 seconds is likely to get more than 5-8X the attention than a long-winded explanation in text.
  3. Chatbot: This is the pop up you see on the side of a web page that asks you if you need help or would like to chat with someone right away. Chatbots come in a wide range of intelligence and sophistication. Basic chatbots can provide 1 – 2 automated exchanges with a website visitor while connecting the person to someone on your team. Advanced chatbots leverage AI to extend their automated responses much deeper into the conversation.
  4. Email Sign Up Form: Most websites do not have a way to collect site visitor email or text addresses. Often dealers will offer a newsletter or some form of ongoing “knowledge” that allures people to register. To date, email continues to drive the highest ROI vs even the newer forms of digital marketing so it makes sense to collect all the addresses you can.
  5. SEO: This stands for search engine optimization work that needs to be done on an ongoing basis to keep up with Google’s intelligent algorithms. By staying up to date on keywords, meta tags, backlinks, and other SEO best practices, you will see your website rise in Google search results when people search for the products and services you sell in your area.

Think of your website as the digital landing strip for your customers to descend into your digital environment. By making sure you have some of the basic engagement measures in place, you will be surprised how quickly you will see positive results!

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