Tax season often conjures images of stacks of paperwork, frantic number crunching, and stressed-out accountants. Nevertheless, behind the scenes, there are unsung heroes making tax season a breeze for businesses large and small. Those tireless resellers of imaging supplies and office product solutions.

Whether your customers are small business owners, accountants, or simply someone tasked with managing finances, having the right office products can make all the difference. Here are the top 10 must-have office products to help your customers tackle tax season with ease:

  1. High-Quality Printer: Invest in a reliable printer that can handle the volume of documents you will be printing during tax season. Security printers are vital for those printing jobs on check stock or sensitive document media.
  2. NXT Premium Supplies: Save money without losing quality print with alternative supplies from the more costly OEM.
  3. Scanner: A scanner is essential for digitizing receipts, invoices, and other important documents for easy organization and storage.
  4. Shredder: Often used immediately after the scanner. It is vital to protect sensitive information by shredding old documents and files.
  5. Label Maker: Keep your hard copy files and folders organized with a label maker to easily identify documents in the future.
  6. Expanding File Folders: Stay organized with expanding file folders to store tax documents and receipts by category.
  7. Desktop Calculator: A reliable calculator is a must-have for crunching numbers, calculation tracking, and double-checking calculations.
  8. Desktop File Sorter: Keep your desk tidy and organized with a desktop file sorter to manage incoming documents.
  9. USB Flash Drive: Back up important files and documents with a USB flash drive for added security.
  10. Comfortable Chair and Ergonomic Accessories: Lastly, invest in a chair and accessories to ensure you stay comfortable and productive during long hours of tax preparation.

With these must-have office products in your arsenal, now you will be well-equipped to tackle tax season like a pro. Keep your customers organized, and focused, and before they know it, tax season will be a breeze.

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