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The Secret to Reducing Print Costs: Managed Print Services

By August 30, 2018 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

Businesses who don’t have a print policy in place and aren’t working with a Managed Print Services provider are most likely facing print costs and volumes that are out of control. The avoidable costs and waste associated with printing can be costing businesses a lot more than they think!

Here are some current statistics to get you thinking about what businesses are actually spending on print:

  • 90% of businesses don’t know their actual print expenses or even how many printers they have deployed: This statistic was released by Gartner and is true for all industries and business sizes. Failing to monitor and track print is a waste of valuable and expensive resources. Toner, paper, maintenance and service costs can really add up. Failure to monitor not only costs, but supplies can result in lost productivity costing even more!
  • The typical employee prints over 10,000 pages annually at a cost of $725.00: Many businesses don’t have usage restrictions in place so employees can print anything at any time. With no controls it’s no wonder costs are out of whack.
  • Print related calls can use 40 to 60% an IT team’s time: It’s common for IT staff to be busy fielding print related calls instead of performing core IT tasks. Too much wasted IT time on print related issues is expensive.
  • Print is the third highest business expense behind rent and payroll: In fact the average business spends 5 to 15% of total gross annual revenue on print. A Managed Print Services provider can make sure that machines, supplies and users are all operating efficiently.

Without proper print environment oversight, many businesses are spending a lot more than they need to be. A Managed Print Services provider can help reduce print costs anywhere from 10 to 30% almost immediately.

Are you considering adding Managed Print Services to your stack of offerings? As an ARLINGTON partner, you have exclusive access to everything you need to convert your customers’ current print spend into recurring revenues for your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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