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Simple Practices that Will Make You Happier

By January 7, 2020 No Comments

We all seek to be happy, but sometimes the stresses of daily life can have you feeling down. So how can you recharge your “happiness batteries?” Everyone is unique and has an individual version of “happy”. However, that being said, there are some universal practices that you can use to boost your overall happiness, no matter who you are.

Here are some simple daily practices to try that will boost your overall happiness.

Drink Lots of Water – Hard to believe, but this is one of the easiest ways to increase your happiness. Research has shown that starting the day with a glass of water and then having one every hour throughout the day has been proven to give you higher energy levels and a more positive outlook.

Meditate – Daily meditation is shown to increase positivity. Meditation increases general satisfaction with your life and decreases depression symptoms. Daily practice forces you to release negative thoughts, center yourself in the present and lowers stress.

Getting Proper Sleep – Getting a full night of sleep improves your mood and overall satisfaction. Getting a good night of sleep gives your body time to rejuvenate, and keeps your mind clear. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of people who consider themselves “perfectly happy “get an average of 7 hours and 6 minutes of sleep every night.

Exercise – Exercise doesn’t just get you in shape physically, it improves your mental well-being. Only three 20-minute sessions per week can have incredible results! In fact, you’ll feel better after a single workout. Whether it’s going for a job, taking a brisk walk, taking a pilates class, or weight training, adding exercise to your weekly routine will boost your mood.

Learn Something New – Take some time to learn something new. It contributes to your overall happiness. Making an effort to learn something new boosts happiness and self-esteem. Take a class, or read a book to teach yourself something new and you’ll reap the emotional benefits.

Share What You Learn – Teaching someone a new skill has been shown to boost self-confidence and happiness in 63% of adults. If you’ve ever taught someone a new skill, you know the feeling!

While there is no “happiness bullet,” taking simple steps every day using practices like these can have you well on your way to a happier, more fulfilling life.

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