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How to Handle Objections at Your Next Managed Print Services Pitch

By September 28, 2016 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

Those who have chosen sales as their field of choice will agree that a thick skin is needed to handle objections, and rejections on a regular basis. Regardless of how amazing a product or service is, nothing sells itself, and those individuals who are best prepared to handle the tough sell tend to come out on top.

When it comes to selling Managed Print services, knowing how to use objections to propel sales forward is the key to success. We’ve prepared a number of common scenarios sales reps face each day, along with solutions you can use to meet those objections head on.

  1. The customer is happy with their current print environment. Very few managers are aware of how much they spend on printing each month, nor are they aware of their operational print deficiencies. Asking the right questions, such as “What is your current print policy?” and “How much do you spend on print each month?” can help identify potential issues, and allow you to move forward with the conversation.
  1. Managed Print services cost too much. While the cost may legitimately appear too high, prospects may also use it as an excuse to lower your price. By knowing what your competition charges, you can highlight the value of your services in comparison.
  1. Your prospect is uninterested in Managed Print services. Anyone uninterested in saving money and improving productivity through Managed Print services likely has their focus on other aspects of the business. Seek an alternate contact within the organization to pitch your presentation to, who may be more receptive to learning the benefits of Managed Print Services.

Before moving forward, be sure to have a clear understanding of the objection in order to formulate an effective sales strategy. Gauging the customer’s level of resistance is another useful tool, as there are a number of scenarios in which your time and talent may be better spent on other warmer prospects.

Make sure your sales team has the right tools and skills they need to effectively handle objections. Regardless of their experience level, everyone in sales can benefit from topical coaching modules, highlighting best practices at every stage of the Managed Print sales cycle.

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