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How Ctrl-Prt Can Help Your MPS Business

By April 26, 2019 April 29th, 2019 No Comments

As a Managed Print Services provider, you’re constantly on the lookout for new strategies and technologies that can help you differentiate your business, and give you a competitive edge. One piece of software that is changing the way MPS providers do business is Ctrl–Prt. With Ctrl-Prt solutions from ARLINGTON you can simplify the way you source toner cartridges, printer hardware, and parts when you partner with the industry’s first “Super Distributor.”

What Is Ctrl-Prt?

Ctrl-Prt is a cloud-based MPS software that is focused on the optimization and management of printer and copier fleets. Management and optimization of print output is a task that is generic to most businesses and can assist to keep print infrastructure expenses low and under control. The cost of consumables is typically 70% of total contract costs over a three-year contractual period. Ctrl-Prt solutions from ARLINGTON can help to reduce and control these costs.

With Ctrl-Prt you can:

  • Provide your customers with data intelligence on all of their networked print devices and MFPs
  • Control and reduce consumables waste
  • Save on unnecessary service calls
  • Control consumables sales and order fulfillment
  • Provide up-sell opportunities through historical reporting
  • Strengthen your customer relationships
  • Stand out from your competitors!

Why Choose Ctrl-Prt Solutions from ARLINGTON?

If you’re looking for a solution that can help you to reign in toner and supplies costs, effectively manage and control printer performance, and streamline the procurement process, Ctrl-Prt offers the perfect solution.

Gain full control over your clients’ connected and non-networked printers with accurate real counters to accurately invoice for any time period while maintaining full view and control of consumables ordered, shipped and installed. You can also automate the procurement process for toner and durable supplies so you’re sure to have stock on hand when your clients need it the most.

With Ctrl-Prt solutions from ARLINGTON you’ll gain total control and analysis of consumables use and waste making the ordering process more transparent, and maximizing your clients’ purchases. In fact, we’ll will help you with procurement planning and warehouse stock reduction saving you money!

Want to learn more? Register with ARLINGTON today, and let us show you all the benefits and power of Ctrl-Prt solutions for MPS providers like you.


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