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5 Time Management Best Practices for New Managers

By October 31, 2018 November 14th, 2019 No Comments

Receiving the promotion to become a manager is a proud career moment. However, the excitement can quickly diminish when new managers are faced with the harsh reality that they need to learn how to juggle managing their team while also accomplishing their own tasks.

To reduce stress and prevent new manager burnout, here are five time management best practices to implement to keep you both productive and sane:

  1. Know your limitations and don’t be afraid to say “no.” It’s not easy to say “no” to your direct reports. However, if you keep saying “yes,” your to-do list will quickly become unmanageable. When someone asks you to do something, consider how it will impact your team or overall business. If it’s not a productive use of your time, simply say “no.”
  1. Be selective with meetings. Most employees attribute meetings to be a drain on their productivity. Not every discussion merits a meeting. If the topic is something that can be resolved via email or a quick phone call, a meeting is not the best use of your time. When it is necessary to meet, use an agenda to keep the meeting on task.
  1. Audit your calendar regularly. Do you have standing meetings on your calendar that may no longer be relevant? Look for opportunities to free up time on your calendar. When auditing your calendar, be sure to block out time to take care of important tasks, such as reviewing your sales pipeline or following up with prospects.
  1. Don’t view your inbox as your to-do list. If you already find your email inbox overwhelming, the number of emails that you will receive once you become a manager will increase exponentially. Establish set times throughout the day to view your email inbox, and use another tool such as Trello to manage your to-do list.
  1. Focus on delegating objectives rather than tasks. As a new manager, delegating work will be necessary in order to be productive. By delegating objectives, employees will take ownership of the work and won’t hassle you with a million questions.

Mastering time management is crucial for new managers to be productive and prevent burnout. Follow these best practices for succeeding in your job while maintaining a healthy work life balance.

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