Lexmark is endorsing Elevate Imaging supplies from Static Control. Impressive product line from a leading global aftermarket cartridge provider. Delivers unique benefits for both end users and resellers.

Remanufactured and New Build Compatible laser toner cartridges for popular non-Lexmark devices.

• Broad product offering     • Value-oriented pricing
• Distinctive branding         • IP considerate
• Performance and safety assurance


  • Elevate Imaging cartridges are built to OEM-like standards at every stage of the product life-cycle—the result is consistent, high quality products that satisfy all global regulatory requirements.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Static Control.
  • Each cartridge is print-tested after production and offers industry-leading quality statistics with an overall defect rate of less than 1%.
  • Cartridges are produced in facilities that are ISO 9001:2015 and STMC certified.


  • Industry-leading compliance in environment, health and safety for aftermarket cartridges.
  • Elevate Imaging cartridges are made from safe, non-toxic materials, including DECAbde-free plastics and environmentally-compliant toners.
  • Cartridges comply with key global safety and environmental regulations, including: ROHS, REACH, WEEE, ISO 14001: 2015 and California Prop 65.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for each cartridge at www.elevateimagingcartridges.com.

Need to save money on toner cartridges? Meet Elevate Imaging Supplies.

  • Sophisticated quality control systems deliver low-cost, high-quality supplies
  • Cartridges are produced in facilities that meet ISO standards
  • Products have been laboratory qualified and post-production tested
  • Consistent and traceable manufacturing components and processed

Elevate Imaging Supplies Opportunity

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

  • Key differentiator for Elevate Imaging supplies
  • Static Control ensures that the product line meets or exceeds all global regulatory requirements, including RoHS and other regional directives.
  • Elevate Imaging is one of the first non-OEM supplies have a global health and safety focus for its product line.

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Elevate Imaging cartridges are IP considerate – they respect intellectual property
  • Each Elevate Imaging cartridge has been carefully evaluated by the Static Control Legal team for intellectual property purposes
  • All cartridges offered in the Elevate Imaging product line will have industry-leading IP support


  • Elevate Imaging supplies are backed by an impressive warranty
  • Static Control guarantees that Elevate Imaging laser toner cartridges will be defect-free for 3 years from the date of manufacture
  • Warranty covers both workmanship and materials

Next Steps

  • Elevate Imaging supplies are ordered directly from select distributors
  • Purchases of Elevate Imaging supplies do not apply toward Lexmark’s open channel marketing programs
  • Potential joint sales calls for large deals and private label opportunities