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What is the ARLI Advantage?

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Here at ARLINGTON we’re always looking for ways to earn your business. Many companies purchase thousands of dollars worth of product for resale from a multitude of different suppliers. At ARLINGTON we offer a huge selection of products that can all meet the needs of imaging dealers.

By consolidating your purchases with ARLINGTON, you’ll enjoy cost savings, and simplified accounting with only one invoice to deal with each month. Plus, each purchase can earn you points through the ARLI Advantage program.

What exactly is the ARLI Advantage?

We’ve created a program to benefit all of our customers called the ARLI Advantage Program. At ARLINGTON we don’t just thank you for being a loyal customer, we give you rewards with every purchase.

With the ARLI Advantage Program, with every online order, you’ll receive points that you can redeem for cash, gift cards or merchandise. It’s easy to earn rewards. When you become an ARLINGTON customer, you’re eligible to join.

How It Works

Taking advantage of the ARLI Rewards Program is easy. Simply log on to the ARLI Rewards page. There, you’ll be asked for your ARLINGTON customer number – you can find it on any invoice, (or on your account page on the ARLINGTON Portal) along with your contact information

Once you sign up and meet the low minimum eligibility amount, you’ll start earning rewards every time you make an online purchase or purchase eligible products. Rewards can be redeemed quarterly for cash on a VISA debit card, a growing selection of merchandise, or gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants. You can also wait and accumulate rewards for a bigger payout later. ARLI rewards points never expire. Cash in at any time.

Once you’re a member, make sure to visit the ARLI Advantage portal where you’ll find program rules and a list of eligible products. Check in often because we’re constantly adding new products.

ARLINGTON Can Meet All of Your Imaging Supplies Needs

We offer thousands of imaging supplies and products from all of the major manufacturers. No matter what your needs, whether it’s printers, toner or the latest MFP you’ll find it at ARLINGTON. Buying your supplies from a single source simplifies your accounting, and makes ordering fast and easy. Plus now, thanks to the ARLI Advantage, you’ll earn points on every purchase. Give your ARLINGTON account manager a call at (800) 887-3040 for more details.

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